From the Inside Out

Hello, youth and educators of Colorado! We are so excited to announce our latest tool for Gay-Straight Alliances in Colorado. In an effort to expand the scope of Gay-Straight Alliances in our schools and to ensure that our activities, campaigns, and events are inclusive and affirming, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, The Colorado GSA Network has compiled From the Inside Out: A Resource for Engaging GSAs in Racial and Educational Justice. Built to work in all GSAs, at any stage of development, this guide is intended to provide a variety of activities, discussion topics, and tools to use throughout the school year to examine intersections of identity and the concepts of privilege, power, and oppression, while encouraging personal reflection and community engagement. The tools and resources in this book are flexible and it should be utilized in a manner that best suits your group’s needs.

With that said, we are reaching looking for a handful of GSAs to be pilot schools for this new resource! The Safe Schools Program at One Colorado and The Colorado GSA Network have been hard at work in 2013 to create a resource for GSAs that not only engages them in leadership and social change, but does so from the scope of understanding individual identities, where they intersect, as well as social and institutional factors that impact our lived experiences.

What does it take to be a pilot school?

There are very few requirements to being a pilot school — the majority of which we will aid in facilitating. The perks and requirements are as follows:

  • Your GSA gets one of the very first copies of the curriculum.
  • A half day retreat in Denver 1/25/2014. We have scholarships for travel and some for lodging if needed.
  • A special site visit to your school so we can see your team at work.
  • Pre & post surveys.
  • An end of year CELEBRATION!

If your GSA is ready and willing we would be honored to have you join us. Please let us know that you are interested no later than January 20, 2014. Our Safe Schools Coordinator, Keri Smith, is available to aid in arranging travel, waivers/permission slips, and any other assistance you may need.

We cannot express how excited we are for this resource and opportunity to become available — even more so to see how our amazing youth leaders implement it! This is a very unique position we are in as GSAs in Colorado, and this tool is a first of its kind. Please join us in this movement and help make history!

If you have any other questions, email Keri or call her at 303-396-6172.