Taking Action

Resources to Get Started at “Home”

1) Sample Personal Pledge:

We pledge from this day forward to do our best to combat prejudice and to stop those who because of prejudice or ignorance, would hurt people or violate their civil rights. We will strive to be aware of our own biases and seek to gain understanding of those who are perceived as being different from ourselves. We will speak out against all forms of prejudice and discrimination. We will think about specific ways my community members can promote respect for people and create welcoming and affirming schools and communities. We firmly believe that our group can make a difference and that no person can be an ”innocent” bystander when it comes to opposing injustice. We recognize that respecting individual dignity, achieving equality and promoting intergroup harmony are the responsibilities of all people. By signing this pledge, we commit ourselves to making a positive impact in our school and/or community.

2) Additional GLSEN Resources

GLSEN has a resource titled Shared Differences: The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students of Color in Our Nation’s Schools of which you can pull information documenting the experiences of over 2,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) middle and high school students of color. http://glsen.org/learn/research/national/report-shared-differences. You can use the information found here to promote a film viewing and to guide the discussion afterwards. When making materials or posting social media messages around Day of Silence, you can again highlight the experiences of LGBTQ youth of color or focus on the students who are directly affected/targeted by Zero Tolerance discipline policies (school pushout).

3) Be an Ally:

a. When are times that you’ve been an ally in the past? What were the challenges?
b. What are the risks of not being an ally to someone?

4) Letter Writing Campaign:

Join our cause by writing to your local papers, school administrators, boards, districts, and lawmakers about important votes or decisions. Click here to see the Sample Letter!

5) The Game of LIFE

This is a great educational interactive game based around the consequences of school push-out. Click here for the Game of Life!

6) Recommended Movies:

  • Mosquita y Mari (2012)
  • Brother Outsider
  • Homeboy (2011)
  • Audre Lorde The Berlin Years (2012)
  • black./womyn.:conversations with lesbians of African descent (2012)
  • Pariah (2011)
  • You Are Not Alone-Stories from Black Gay Men About Their Depression (2012)
  • STILL BLACK: A Portrait of Black Transmen (2008)
  • Change (No date) http://afilmforchange.com/
  • Books Not Bars (2001)
  • Unequal Education: Failing Our Children (1993)